Prices and Deadlines

Pricing Chart

May 20 – Aug 5

Aug 6 – Dec 31

Jan 1 – Mar 31









We sold out within a few months for our 2016 race. Since this year’s race will be one-year-only we do expect to sell out quickly.

After the final price jump we will place our race shirt order. You will be guaranteed a shirt if you register after the final price jump, but not a specific size. We will have a shirt exchange available at the finish line on race day. Sizes and quantity will be limited.

Team Registration Overview

We do allow team registration. There are no relays, but there is a team prize to compete for. Runners on a team of 6 or more will each receive a $10 discount and the team will be automatically entered in the team category. The 1st person to register will create the team name. All other team members must use the same team name.. Any runners that do not have 6 or more team members registered by January 28, 2016 will not receive the $10 discount. Read the full policy here.

Refund Overview

  1. Runners can receive a full refund until December 16th.
  2. Runners will be eligible to defer their registration to one of our other racesĀ or they can defer for one year for a $20 deferment fee.
  3. We will allow bib transfers to other runners for a $20 transfer fee.
  4. Read the full policy here.